The Beginning of War, the End of War

Last night the authors of “Anguyviim Nalliini, Time of Warring” spoke at the University of Alaska Anchorage bookstore.  What began as an effort to collect Yupik place names from the elders has become a body of mythic tales directly from verbal tradition tied completely to place in Alaska.  And it is said that warfare started in a steamhouse when unequal retribution was insisted upon after a boy’s eye was accidentally pierced.  And it was said that war was ended when a captive boy returned to with a drum rather than a weapon, and the Messenger Feast was created.  And these roots can be seen in the entymology of the names of the roles of characters in the feast, not to mention the fervor of the dance. Marie Meade said the release of this work deserves some sort of major celebration.  Well done, Anne Fienup-Riordan and Alice Rearden and the elders who brought forth these stories.


  1. Excellent! Thank you. But–no bugs intended–it’s etymology, not entomology.

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