AMOC – Weather Pattern Future

Anchorage 6/2/16 – Despite my best intentions, I rarely tap science publications online until they are back issues. Hence I am only now reading the “Science” May 13 print issue and learning that they are retrieving data from a line of moorings placed in the North Atlantic from Laborador to Scotland. The word from moorings to the south was disturbing, and I quote: “Initial data from these subtropical moorings showed unexpectedly wild swings in the AMOC’s strength from month to month. Then, in 2009 to 2010, the average strength of the AMOC plunged by about 30%.” Well it flattened out after that, leaving them to speculate that there was some sort of cycle involved. So now the job is to look at the new data from closer to the action and try to separate the cycles from anthropogenic factors. Same old same old hockey stick watch. Stay tuned.


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