Who We Are

Steven Heimel

Born in wartime, Steve spent his entire youth in a small river town on the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania. He went off to art school down the river and worked part time at the local radio station in his hometown. The art world drew him to the east coast, but yielded little income. After stints at several small market radio stations, he ended up playing "beautiful music" in Philadelphia and then moving to Houston, where he was a news personality on KILT. He moved to Pacifica KPFT for ethical reasons. He was involved in much experimental talk radio there, but walked north to Pennsyvania with his girlfriend, Johanna Eurich. He worked at WYEP in Pittsburgh and then helped found the rural public radio station WVMR in West Virginia. He joined the Alaska Public Radio Network in 1984, founded the statewide call-in show "Talk of Alaska" and remained there for more than 30 years. He has been a member of the science journalism press corps for decades. His traditional country music show "The Truck Stop" has been running for 15 years

Johanna Eurich

The daughter of a pair of world travellers, Johanna grew up speaking Thai. Moving from Bangkok to Philadelphia as a pre-teen, she was a dance and theater student with a strong anthropological bent. She joined the traveling "Theater of All Possibilities" while still in her teens, and was a founding builder of Synergia Ranch near Santa Fe. She got involved with radio at Pacifica KPFT in Houston, where she produced a children's program, among other things. In 1977, she moved north to Pennsylvania on foot, hiking 1300 miles of the Appalachian Trail with her boyfriend, Steve Heimel. They married in 1908, and for a number of years she was heard frequently on National Public Radio as an independent producer. She became a public radio news director in Anchorage and later worked as a reporter at a number of rural communities. Lately she has been collecting oral history along the Mediterranean coast for the Institute of Ecotechnics Research Vessel Heraclitus. She has been a member of the science journalism press corps for decades.