Why We Do This

We started this site so we would have a place to report on how stuff is changing and how we are changing and what we actually know as humanity begins to become aware of the reality and responsibilities of our Anthropocene epoch. We concentrate on frontier science, oral history and cultural expression.  If this is the first place where you learn some key thing, we are doing our job. Some of this is unpublished material, going public here for the first time, but much is plumbed from living memory and old recordings.  Given our radio backgrounds, we are bound to be audio-­‐centric, but we do not want to be one of those websites that pretends to be radio.     While we will often reflect the realities of our subarctic location, where the force of climate change is greatest and indigenous cultures still retain strong roots, our aspirations are planetary, toward Earth's sphere of understanding.  It required life in the form of microbes to alter the atmosphere of our planet and keep it habitable.  Now it may require a more evolved form of life to keep humanity from creating the conditions to render itself extinct.    So we will share new creative work as well as vernacular history in search of the stories that have the power to transform us.