Graphnet digital ReSPECT plan receives accreditation

A Graphnet digital version of the Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment (ReSPECT) has been accredited for use.

As a result, an individual’s emergency care and treatment plan will be available – in real-time – as part of the CareCentric Shared Care Record. Having ReSPECT available in a digital format means that clinicians and health and care teams can access and view it at any time.

A ReSPECT plan details personalised recommendations for clinical care and treatment in the event of the patient not being able to communicate this for themselves. It may include what matters most to the patients, as well as what is realistic in terms of their care and treatment.

Graphnet has worked closely with the Resuscitation Council to create a digitised version of the current 3.5 version of the paper-based ReSPECT plan. The digital plan can be stored and accessed within the Care Centric shared care record and has been fully accredited by the Resuscitation Council.

By capturing essential information within the plan and bringing it into the shared care record, health and social care professionals can share vital data in a timely manner across the user base.

Brandon Newman, an operational paramedic and Graphnet’s clinical workflow lead, described how vital it is to know what is important to a person in an emergency.

“Having a ReSPECT plan available means we can make more informed decisions which take into account their recommended care and treatment plan, agreed when they were able to have those conversations with loved ones and clinical staff.

“The next logical step was to have this information available digitally in the shared care record. This means frontline responders know the recommendations in advance and there is no delay hunting for a paper document. What is vital for us is that the person has a voice in the hour of their greatest need, even when they are unable to communicate.”

The Graphnet digital ReSPECT plan aligns with the paper version. In addition, it offers secure, role-based tracking and audit form views and can be updated and revised as necessary. A copy can also be printed so it remains with the patient at all times.

In July this year the System C and Graphnet Care Alliance committed to interoperability standards and joined the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)’s Standards Partnership Scheme.

The year also saw Graphnet was also named as an outstanding place to work company for the third year in a row.