Strasys and Silico partner for healthcare digital twin projects

Strasys and Silico have signed an agreement to deliver digital twins of entire hospitals and healthcare systems, to optimise decision intelligence.

The partnership formalises the integration of Silico’s business process simulation (BPS) software with Strasys’ technology that creates digital twins. The BPS platform will allow Strasys to create digital replicas of individual business processes to test the efficiency of potential changes.

By linking the digital replicas to form a digital twin, Strasys can simulate the outcome of different decisions across healthcare ecosystems. The process helps to optimise decision-making in the sector, enhance operational processes, ensure services run effectively and achieve better patient outcomes.

Naeem Younis, CEO at Strasys, said: “Through the Strasys approach, using Silico, health and care systems will be able to bring together disparate datasets, ML/AI algorithms and qualitative data to create digital twins of their ecosystem – creating the foresight to bring stakeholders together to make better decisions.

“This reduces risk and improves the care and quality of service for patients and their respective populations.”

Hospitals will be able to rapidly integrate third-party data with real-time metrics to create large-scale digital twins. Decision makers in the organisation can then run AI-powered ‘what if’ scenarios that will show the impact of changes to individual processes. If appropriate the changes can then be enacted by control automation.

The agreement will help link data across populations and regions, helping to meet the challenges of information siloes and ineffective interdepartmental information sharing.

Using the software and technology, hospitals will be able to visualise analytics so they can monitor processes and be warned of any problems in advance. This supports proactive intervention, continuous planning and the real-time monitoring of performance against projections.

John Hill, CEO at Silico, said: “Silico gives Strasys the ability to explore different futures to make better decisions and identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve the care and quality of service for patients.

“Silico’s ability to generate forward-looking simulations and scenario analytics unlocks the next frontier of healthcare process improvement infrastructure.”

NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard has previously praised the NHS for the use of innovation when tackling high waiting lists. Silico has worked with the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic to help design a process simulation model to navigate resource allocation and waiting lists.