The Best App to Measure Smartphone Performance

One of the best ways to measure smartphone performance is to use third-party applications. Besides being easy, this method is also fairly simple and the results tend to be reliable.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that currently there are quite a number of applications that provide services to measure smartphone performance. For those of you who want to measure smartphone performance, the following five applications are the best recommendations that you can try, right! Check one by one, come on!

AnTuTu Benchmark

The first recommendation is to use AnTuTu Benchmark. For Android users, you can only download this application through the official ATUTU Benchmark website because this application is not available on the Play Store. Even so, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

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How to Quickly Add YouTube Viewer

Besides the number of subscribe and likes, viewers become an important part for YouTube account owners to be famous. guys, there’s a way to quickly add a YouTube viewer that you can try.

YouTube is one of the most social media users. People are competing to find the coffers of money by becoming a YouTuber.

The more number of viewers, the more money earned for YouTuber.

How to quickly add a YouTube viewer:

1. Viral Topics

To captivate viewers you can discuss topics that are being viral. For example about the latest films that are currently airing or that have been aired and get high ratings. or you can read articles from Wikipedia for insights into becoming a YouTuber.

Guaranteed users will immediately open and watch videos on your YouTube account. Not infrequently, they also give likes or comments on the video.

This is a way to get free viewers … Read more

Speculation rife on who will be the next NHS CIO

At the Tech UK London Health and Social Care Industry Dinner last night speculation was rife on who will be named the next national NHS chief information officer (CIO).

With a job advert published earlier this week, the favourite talk among industry insiders was who may be the person to fill the seat about to be vacated by Simon Bolton, interim CIO at NHS Digital, who had been due to become interim CIO at NHS England.

Bolton was at the dinner, but did not speak.  However the other national NHS CIO, Sonia Patel, did for the second year in a row. Patel joked that unlike her former NHS boss, Matthew Gould, now CEO of London Zoo, “I’m not planning to go to the zoo or jungle any time soon”.

A sign perhaps that Patel, who was first recruited in 2020 to be national CIO, before being unceremoniously moved sideways into

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Smartphone and Cheap Earbuds for Accessible Newborn Hearing Test

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a low-cost hearing test for newborns. Traditionally, the equipment for such testing is quite expensive. As newborns cannot let us know if they can hear something, the test is based on creating a noise within the ear canal and then listening to the vibrations created by the specialized hair cells within.

The UW researchers used cheap earbuds that are connected to a small microphone that can listen to the vibrations of the hair cells. A smartphone app then analyzes the sounds and can provide guidance to attend a specialist if abnormal results arise.

Performing a hearing test with newborns is important to make sure that they receive the support they require if it turns out that they have a hearing issue. However, in many places in the world, people do not have access to the testing equipment required for these procedures.


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In-Office Pediatric Ear Tube Procedures: Interview with Preceptis Medical’s Greg Mielke

Preceptis Medical, a medtech company based in Minnesota, created the Hummingbird Tympanostomy Tube System. The device allows ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons to insert ear tubes in the comfort of their office. The procedure requires only local anesthetic and is intended to be less distressing for pediatric patients than the conventional approach, which requires general anesthesia.

The Hummingbird device provides a “one-pass” approach to ear tube placement, with an ear drum incision and tube placement occurring with a few simple manipulations of the device. Medgadget spoke with Steve Anderson, CEO of Preceptis Medical, back in March 2021. Since then, the Hummingbird system has received FDA clearance for an expanded indication in all children aged 6 months and up.

Medgadget had the opportunity to speak with Greg Mielke, Chief Commercial Officer at Preceptis Medical, about the technology and what the latest FDA clearance meant for the company.

See a

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Cool Gadgets Emblem Inventory Illustrations, Photos & Vectors

Cool GadgetsYou can spend your cash on all sorts of weird gadgets, from Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes to toasters that print your selfie in your breakfast. Nanoleaf has been a frontrunner in the smart home decor subject since its triangular Aurora lighting panels became one of the most interactive beauties to grace anybody’s residence walls. Nanoleaf adopted up the triangular techno vibe with a equally interactive, however much more versatile, sq. design called Canvas. These light squares do every thing from react to sound, mirror colours playing on a screen, help contact-based mostly games, and even reply to good house management gestures. Beyond all of this, they are modular, permitting you to construct some actually gorgeous (and unique to you) mild wall designs.

There is no scarcity of contenders in this class, however the Final Ears (UE) Megaboom speaker ($300) stands out as a stylin’ audio accessory that’s waterproof, comes in 4 colour … Read more

Implanted Magnets for Prosthetic Control

Engineers at MIT have developed a system that could let users of robotic prostheses to more sensitively control their bionic limbs. The technology involves implanting pairs of small magnetic beads into muscles. When the muscles contract, the beads move closer together, allowing prosthetic devices to more precisely calculate a user’s intentions and mirror these.

Current systems measure the electrical activity in muscles, but this is not as accurate as measuring actual muscle movement. Medgadget last covered the technology in August 2021, and since then, the researchers have tested it in turkeys, showing that the implanted magnets do not cause inflammation or irritation. Importantly, they can assist in very accurately measuring muscle length as the turkeys traversed an obstacle course (yes, really), reflecting real-world conditions outside the lab.

Each year seems to bring new improvements in assistive tech, such as novel robotic prostheses and wheelchairs. Hopefully, in the future, patients who

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