Printing the future: New factory tech reshapes the US industrial economy

DEVENS, Mass., Sept 21 (Reuters) – The giant machines churning out metal parts on this factory floor do not bang or clang – or make any other noise usually associated with heavy-duty manufacturing.

They hum.

“It sounds like a data center in here,” said John Hart, a co-founder of VulcanForms, a start-up 3D printing company that grew out of his research at the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology and offers a glimpse of how the Biden administration would like to reshape the US industrial economy.

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VulcanForms, which recently raised $355 million in venture funding, exemplifies the type of manufacturing – cutting edge, clean, futuristic – that needs to flourish to achieve that ambition.

A wave of government initiatives, including billions earmarked for semiconductor factories and other advanced technologies, have raised the profile of the factory sector in a way few thought

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Could Tattoos Be Painless? New Technology Purports Pain-Free Tats

Pain-free tattoos? The company Micro Biomedical, backed by a study at the Georgia Institute of Technologysays it’s developed painless and bloodless tattoos that can be self-administered.

After all, getting a tattoo can be a painful affair, depending on one’s tolerance for pain. What if there was a painless way to do it?

The new biomedical tech involves a low-cost skin patch containing microscopic, ink-filled needles. The patch is pressed into the skin to apply the tattoo, and the “microneedles” can be arranged in different shapes to create a design, as Digital Trends reported.

“We’ve miniaturized the needle so that it’s painless but still effectively deposits tattoo ink in the skin,” Micro Biomedical head Mark Prausnitz explains.

The painless tattoo process was developed within the realm of medical tattoos. Medical tattoos often cover up scars or restore nipples after breast surgery, among many other applications.

“This could be a way

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New tech aims to track carbon in every tree, boost carbon market integrity

  • Climate scientists and data engineers have developed a new digital platform billed as the first-ever global tool for accurately calculating the carbon stored in every tree on the planet.
  • Founded on two decades of research and development, the new platform from nonprofit CTtrees leverages artificial intelligence-enabled satellite datasets to give users a near-real-time picture of forest carbon storage and emissions around the world.
  • With forest protection and restoration at the center of international climate mitigation efforts, CTrees is set to officially launch at COP27 in November, with the overall aim of bringing an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability to climate policy initiatives that rely on forests to offset carbon emissions .
  • Forest experts broadly welcome the new platform, but also underscore the risk of assessing forest restoration and conservation projects solely by the amount of carbon sequestered, which can sometimes be a red herring in achieving truly sustainable and
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6 Things to Check Before Buying iPhones Wholesale from China

iPhones Wholesale

Buying iPhones wholesale from China is risky, and you must be very careful during the process. Your little inattentiveness can cause you a considerable loss. Discover the six things you must check before making the whole purchase from a Chinese iPhones wholesale dealer.

Buying iPhones Wholesale from China

The refurbished iPhones market is growing at a yearly rate of 15%. It explains the rising demand for used or refurbished iPhones and the shifting paradigm of users’ habits as they’re now more focused on saving money. But the growing market has also brought so many fraudulent iPhones wholesalers into the market that sell fake or extremely low-quality iPhones. And therefore, it has become more critical than ever for buyers to learn about the factors that can help in identifying if a refurbished device is okay to buy or not.

Here are the six things that you must check before buying iPhones

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NOAA deploys new hurricane technology to improve forecasting

The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) is tracking Hurricane Fiona by plane and drones. Through NOAA’s new research program, sail drones are taking us closer than ever before to one of Earth’s most destructive forces.

In partnership with NOAA, Saildrone Inc. is deploying seven ocean drones to collect data from hurricanes during the 2022 hurricane season with the goal of improving hurricane forecasting.

“We’re really excited about this new technology. It’s going to allow us to fly the drones for up to two to three hours at a time collecting all the data that we either previously could get in very small pieces, or just couldn’t

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