Why Can't I INSTALL WhatsApp Plus On My Phone? – Common Errors When Installing WhatsApp Plus

every day more people venture to change the Whatsapp plus application which is an excellent idea since our plus offers you dozens of functions with respect to the original Whatsapp application so far so good what happens is that the time of installation many people make mistakes which make them stay halfway without enjoying the Whatsapp plus application and it is totally normal in this video I am going to show you the most common mistakes when installing Whatsapp plus application as well as how to avoid them And in case of presenting any, solve it.

Common Errors When Installing WhatsApp Plus

 Now we are going with the most common errors when installing WhatsApp plus the first error is not having enough storage space on our device this is very common since not always we are checking the space used we simply use our device until we find this not a very nice message to avoid r this error is very simple, just make sure you have enough space when installing Whatsapp plus, for that you can help yourself by deleting files and applications that you do not use frequently as well as saving your media from the gallery in the cloud to access them digitally without using a patient device.

We go with the second error which is not to install the original Whatsapp application this I consider the most popular and common error when installing Whatsapp plus since many people forget or sometimes they make it difficult for them to uninstall this application that is I emphasize this because if we do not install the original WhatsApp application we will not be able to install WhatsApp plus it happens because we are using the same nomenclature the same name at the time of being installed on our device for which our system detects as if we had two applications of the same which does not allow us item from there the screen that causes us a lot of sadness do not worry that to solve this First make sure you have made your backup corresponding to the original Whatsapp application, having made the backup you will be able to feel confident from installing the original Whatsapp application since we will have created our backup to later use this backup in Whatsapp plus.

We now go with the third error which is having the Whatsapp business application installed this error is very similar to the previous one since it is a version of Whatsapp in this case Whatsapp business generates the same conflict when we want to install Whatsapp plus so to avoid this problem make sure you have installed this application now we go with the room for which they had installed another Whatsapp nickname for example Whatsapp aero and want to update it with a new version of Whatsapp plus for example if you have a version of jebe Whatsapp and you want to update it to the new version you cannot install a new version of Whatsapp plus to update another go or Whatsapp but its equivalent, the most reliable thing is if you have to Whatsapp look for the new version of Whatsapp also like Whatsapp plus you have one old looks for the new version of Whatsapp plus that you discard us, you can also look in one way or another with this we have finished the most common errors when installing Whatsapp plus .