3 Exciting New Trends in the Gartner Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle

Other critical technologies in optimized technologist delivery include the following:

  • Augmented FinOps automates traditional DevOps concepts of agility, continuous integration and deployment, and end-user feedback to financial governance, budgeting and cost optimization efforts through the application of AI and machine learning (ML) practices.

  • Cloud sustainability is the use of cloud services to achieve sustainability benefits within economic, environmental and social systems.

  • Computational storage (CS) offloads host processing from the main memory of the central processing unit (CPU) to the storage device.

  • Cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) is an emerging approach for architecting composable, distributed security controls that improve overall security effectiveness.

  • Observability data is the ability to understand the health of an organization’s data landscape, data pipelines and data infrastructure by continuously monitoring, tracking, alerting, analyzing and troubleshooting incidents.

  • Dynamic risk governance (DRG) is a new approach to the critical task of defining the roles and responsibilities for risk management. DRG customizes risk governance appropriately to each risk, enabling organizations to better manage risks and lower the cost of assurance.

  • Industry cloud platforms leverage underlying SaaS, platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud services to offer industry-relevant packaged business and technical capabilities to an identified vertical as a whole product offering.

  • Minimum viable architecture (MVA) is a standardized framework used by product teams to ensure the timely and compliant development, and iteration, of products.

  • Observability-driven development (ODD) is a software engineering practice that provides fine-grained visibility and context into system state and behavior by designing systems to be observable.

  • OpenTelemetry is a collection of specifications, tools, application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) that describe and support the implementation of an open-source instrumentation and observability framework for software.

  • engineering platforms is the discipline of building and operating self-service internal developer platforms (IDPs) for software delivery and life cycle management.