6 Things to Check Before Buying iPhones Wholesale from China

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Buying iPhones wholesale from China is risky, and you must be very careful during the process. Your little inattentiveness can cause you a considerable loss. Discover the six things you must check before making the whole purchase from a Chinese iPhones wholesale dealer.

Buying iPhones Wholesale from China

The refurbished iPhones market is growing at a yearly rate of 15%. It explains the rising demand for used or refurbished iPhones and the shifting paradigm of users’ habits as they’re now more focused on saving money. But the growing market has also brought so many fraudulent iPhones wholesalers into the market that sell fake or extremely low-quality iPhones. And therefore, it has become more critical than ever for buyers to learn about the factors that can help in identifying if a refurbished device is okay to buy or not.

Here are the six things that you must check before buying iPhones wholesale from China.

1. Ask for Proof of Purchase

It is essential to ask the seller for either a soft or hard copy of the original purchase receipt of the device. You need to check two things on the receipt – the previous ownership and the status of the warranty of the device.

If the seller cannot provide any proof of purchase, you should avoid making any purchase as there can be many security risks, plus there are higher chances of misuse.

2. Check the Authenticity of Parts

Before buying the refurbished or used iPhones, ask the dealer if there were any repairs made to the device earlier. If yes, cross-check with the dealer whether the repairs were completed at an authorized Apple center because otherwise, it would mean that the parts inside the device are not authentic.

3. Perform a Touch Test

Determine if the keys and the screen of the iPhones are working. If you are buying iPhones wholesale online, ask the dealer to demonstrate the basic iPhones gestures like zoom, swipe, and tap on the video.

4. Check the Cameras

Sometimes, there are cracks in the cameras which make the iPhones not worth it to buy for many users. Apart from the cracks, also check if the device has a proper functional camera. Ask the dealer to click photos from the device and send them instantly to check.

Check both front and rear cameras and the quality of photos, as third-party repair service providers often swap the original cameras with duplicate ones.

5. Test the Speakers

Faulty speakers indicate that the device has suffered water damage but not obvious as it is from the inside. Hence you should never forget to test the speakers before buying refurbished iPhones.

6. Battery Health

Worn-out batteries of iPhones turn down their value. Since batteries have a limited lifespan, it is vital to check the battery health status of iPhones.

Trusted iPhones Wholesale Supplier

Sourcing the best quality stock is the biggest challenge for retailers who are in the business of selling second-hand or refurbished iPhones. An easy way to secure high-quality iPhones in bulk is by buying iPhones wholesale from China. The country has a huge market for refurbished iPhones, and you can definitely find a trusted iPhones wholesaler in the country by putting in a little effort.