GigXR brings anatomy to life with hyper-realistic 3D tools

GigXR has advanced its hyper-immersive learning tools with the release of Anima Res’ Insight Series, delivering hyper-realistic 3D anatomy learning.

The holographic healthcare training company has announced the Insight Series in partnership with the 3D medical animation company Anima Res. The series gives structurally accurate holograms of heart, lung and kidneys in a way that just cannot be replicated with cadavers or analogue tools.

The new models will allow learners at medical and nursing schools, healthcare providers and government and defense agencies, to see the impact of disease on the affected organs.

The content is true-to-life, cost-and-resource-effective and scalable and is delivered on the Gig Immersive Learning Platform.

Pablo Olmos, co-CEO at Anima Res, said: “Showing learners accurate 3D organ function and disease progression removes the friction between students mastering anatomy and applying their learnings to a real-life patient.

“Partnering with GigXR gives us the springboard to expand our geographic reach to match GigXR’s global footprint and get Anima Res’ 3D content into the hands of educators and learners worldwide. Together, we aim to give learners the best tools for success throughout training and clinical practice.”

Insight Heart will show learners the movements of a healthy heart or the stages, consequences and treatment of common heart problems. With Insight Lung, a holographic model gives an in-depth look at asthma and COPD and their impact on the lungs, in comparison to a healthy organ.

Finally, Insight Kidney creates a macroscopic to microscopic visualisation of healthy kidneys or those impacted by disease.

Being able to experience in such detail allows learners to understand the structural and functional changes caused by each pathology.

Jared Mermey, CEO of GigXR, said: “As holographic training gains global adoption, GigXR is committed to providing the same flexibility and ease of use as traditional teaching tools while allowing its benefits to enhance the learning experience with its natural advantages.

“The Gig Immersive Learning Platform makes integrating multiple immersive applications that span different health topics easy to do such that an instructor can seamlessly use multiple apps even during a single lesson.”

The Insight Series is joining GigXR alongside other applications already available including HoloScenarios, HoloHuman and HoloPatient.