E-Ticket in Traffic, Is it Effective?

Electronic tickets or e-ticket are the government’s efforts to enforce information technology-based traffic laws. E-tikect is one of the government’s efforts to reduce the number of traffic violations.

This is a new breakthrough in revolutionizing traffic law. from previously conventional to more modern, using CCTV cameras that are spread out on various roads. One of the steps of change and renewal taken by the Government of Indonesia. in improving the traffic violation public service system is by implementing the E-ticket application.

Tickets are one of the most important criminal sanctions and are regulated by the Criminal Code. Most recently, the government has simplified the handling of traffic violations through ETLE or electronic tickets.

Enforcement of E-tickets

The implementation of the E-Tilang itself is regulated based on the Supreme Court Decision. Number 12 of 2016 concerning Settlement of Traffic Violations Cases. The existence of E-tickets in Indonesia is very necessary because it relates to a number of considerations, many problems.

E-ticket system

This ticket system is considered effective in reducing the number of traffic violations committed by road users. This is of course very helpful for the traffic police to improve the discipline of road users.

e-tickets have a positive impact, both the community and the police. Society becomes disciplined and obedient when driving. Meanwhile, the police do not have a bad image regarding extortion news and restore the authority of law enforcement. the imposition of electronic fines can run effectively and be in line with modern criminal objectives. In addition to preventing traffic violations, these fines also provide a deterrent effect.

The electronic ticket camera used for the e-ticket system is capable of capturing various types of traffic violations committed by road users, ranging from violations of road markings, use of cell phones while driving, use of helmets, and other violations.

Apart from being able to find out various types of violations, this camera can also identify and analyze the type of vehicle and data on vehicles that commit traffic violations. This is because the public will feel that they are always being watched through CCTV even though there are no police on guard, be it at a red light or along the road. Unfortunately, if the facilities and infrastructure are inadequate, then these policies and regulations will not work optimally.

Then it must also be understood that the technology needs to be accompanied by a good monitoring system. So that individual violators have no loopholes to violate. In addition, community cooperation is also needed so that electronic ticketing can run efficiently. Awareness can be turned on through a series of outreach on various platforms regarding how to drive.